Lilly Lips

Lilly Lips


Garden State Rollergirls

Quando e como descobriu a modalidade?
Four years ago I was tagged to answer a bunch of questions on Facebook by one one my friends. One of the questions was about one thing I have always wanted to do but haven’t done yet. So I replied that I wanted to whipped by a skater on a track. My friend replied back that the Garden State Rollergirls skated in my city. I did not know roller derby even existed. I thought it died in the 80’s. I emailed the team right away about tryouts and was at the next practice. That was 4 years ago. I have been on the team ever since!

Como é estar na Team Portugal Roller Derby e como foi receber essa noticia? Quais são os teus objectivos para o Mundial de 2014?
It is an honor to represent the Portuguese community of the USA by skating for Team Portugal. When I was told I had made Team Portugal I was so excited that I wanted to start running laps and go put on my skates! I sent text messages to my teammates and posted on my Facebook. Everyone commented how proud they are of me for making the team.

My goal for 2014 World Cup is to focus on being a dedicated athlete. For me a dedicated athlete is prepared nutritionally, mentally, and physically. Being a part of Team Portugal has renewed my commitment to myself. 

Qual é a tua experiência desportiva prévia ao Roller Derby?
I’ve always played sports (on teams) growing up. The first sport I played was swimming, followed by soccer, softball, volleyball, and now roller derby.

5 Factos sobre ti

  1. My mother taught me how to roller skate when I was little. She held my hand as I skated up and down my street. This is how I fell in love with skating!
  2. Most of my entire extended family lives in Portugal.
  3. Two years ago I broke and dislocated my right pinky finger playing roller derby.
  4. My masters degree is in theatre.
  5. I love pastel de natas!



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