Pinky Swears

Pinky Swears


Hudson Valley Horrors Roller Derby

Quando e como descobriu a modalidade?
I learned about roller derby when I was a kid from seeing reruns of old banked tracked footage on TV.

Como é estar na Team Portugal Roller Derby e como foi receber essa noticia? Quais são os teus objectivos para o Mundial de 2014?
It is an honor to skate with Team Portugal, I couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of this. My goal is to see us play hard, play together and play for the love of the sport. 

Qual é a tua experiência desportiva prévia ao Roller Derby?
Always loved team sports; played soccer since I could walk and basketball from about 4th grade on.

5 Factos sobre ti

  1. President and co-owner of the first “non-urban” roller derby league.
  2. Strapped on quads for fun as a kid and for roller derby starting in 2006.
  3. Love to think creatively; my background is in mixed media and photography.
  4. Dancing came before derby… putting those taping dancing skills to use on the track.
  5. From a family of Portuguese futebol fans.



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