Silva Spark

Silva Spark


Southern Discomfort Roller Derby

Quando e como descobriu a modalidade?
When I was a kid I used to watch the old (WWE) stile roller derby on telly, when I moved to England Royal Windsor Roller Girls head coach Rolling Stoner told me about the new re-invented roller derby and got me involved with the team.

Como é estar na Team Portugal Roller Derby e como foi receber essa noticia? Quais são os teus objectivos para o Mundial de 2014?
It’s a great honour to be part of Team Portugal Roller Derby, I was over the moon when I got chosen as team head coach, and as so I’m going to pass all my knowledge an push the girls to their limit to make them great derby players. 

Qual é a tua experiência desportiva prévia ao Roller Derby?
none what so ever.

5 Factos sobre ti

  1. Roller derby is my “social life” when there’s no roller derby I turn in to a cave man. literally.
  2. Out of my extensive contact list only 5% of those contacts are none derby, and those are my school friends and family…
  3. Drop me in a group of “normal people” and I’ll be a complete alien, drop me around derby people and I’ll be like a kid on a candy shop.
  4. I wont walk a mile to work yet I’ll gladly skate for 10 miles around the track without stopping.
  5. In case you haven’t notice I talk about derby a lot…